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Exercise is Better with a Buddy!

4 Reasons to Work Out with a Friend at Our Pittsburgh Gym

Exercise is so individual. We all have different goals, unique abilities, and distinct preferences for working out. Some prefer a solitary workout to just get the job done. Others enjoy the energy of a group class where camaraderie keeps things lively and fresh.

It’s all a matter of what you prefer and what will help you succeed.

If you’re somewhere in-between — you enjoy a private workout but also appreciate support and companionship — why not exercise with a friend? Here are 4 reasons to consider working out with a buddy.

Boost the Fun Factor

You’re less likely to get bored if you have a compadre to workout with. You’ll be distracted, the time will seem to go faster, and your bond will probably grow closer through the shared experience. Exercise isn’t limited to cardio or strength training, either. Racquetball is a great form of exercise where friends can convene for friendly, fast-moving matches!

Keep It Fresh

Let’s be honest. As time goes by, enthusiasm can wane, dedication can fade. That’s where your workout buddy comes in! You’re more likely to stay motivated, stick with the plan, and accomplish more with an exercise partner who keeps the drive alive. Your friend can help you spot weights or run a circuit with you. You can push each other to achieve even more through support, encouragement, and the desire to do better.

Lame Excuses? Don’t Think So.

With busy calendars and a less-than-stellar sleep schedule, sometimes there are off days when you just don’t feel like going to the gym. You’re more likely to show up when you know your friend is waiting at our Pittsburgh health club. You don’t want to let them down, right? Your exercise partner will help hold you accountable to your fitness goals.

They’ve Got Your Back

Just as important as the challenge to stay on track, a workout partner also provides support and reassurance. After all, you made the commitment to better your health and wellness together, and that’s what buddies do; applaud the successes, celebrate the milestones, or throw encouragement your way when needed.

At Alexander’s Athletic Club, we encourage our members to find what works best for them. Whether that means an independent workout, a group fitness class, or working out with a friend, discover the routine that you’ll enjoy and commit to.

Try new things. Make new friends. Or try a small group training class that offers both limited class size and personal attention. We’re here to make it work — we’re your fitness family!