Members stretching on mats at our gym near you.

Seniors, Stay Fit and Have Fun!

On the Move at the Best Gym in Pittsburgh

Seniors, are you looking for a way to get out of the house? We have an idea for you! Have you ever considered joining our gym in Pittsburgh?


Working out at the gym isn’t just for the young – it’s also for the young at heart. Besides being a great way to stay active and mingle, it’s also an amazing way to help improve your health and wellness – especially if you’re over 60.


Why Exercise

Whether you’ve been active all of your life or this is a new endeavor, it’s never too late to add a little exercise to your life. We’re not talking about running for miles or lifting major dumbbells (unless you want to, of course); we’re just here to encourage at least 20-30 minutes a day of activity that will boost your heart rate, strengthen muscles, and improve balance and stability.


A word of caution first, though. Before embarking on any type of exercise program, please check with your physician before you begin.


The benefits of exercise are many and include several that will guard your safety.

  • Strengthening your leg muscles will improve balance and stability – and help prevent falls and possible injury.
  • Aerobic exercise, like walking on a treadmill or pedaling a stationary bike, will help prevent chronic illnesses like heart disease and diabetes. Weight bearing exercise, like lifting light weights, will help fortify bones against osteoporosis.
  • You’ll have more energy to devote to your favorite hobbies or to keep up with your grandkids and their boundless get-up-and-go.


Exercise to Consider

The great thing about a gym membership is that we have plenty of equipment you can choose from – and you can work out at your own pace. Take your time, if needed, and then relish in your accomplishment!

If you’d like to make it more of a social outing, Alexander’s Athletic Club offers classes just for mature adults. Silver Sneakers is a group exercise class that is a low-impact, gentle way to tone muscles and increase range of motion. Plus, you’ll get to meet others who have the same health and wellness goals in mind.

Personal trainers are available to provide an assessment of your skills and start you on a routine that’s enjoyable and achievable, and our Pittsburgh gym also offers nutritional guidance with tips, recipes, and more.

Think about it! Staying active and involved is also a great way to combat loneliness – and the best news? You can work out in a cool, clean, and climate-controlled gym!