Get in the Group Fitness Groove!

Get in the Group Fitness Groove!

Benefits of Group Exercise at Our Pittsburgh Gym

Exercise is more than hard work and sweat!

We believe that working out is a fitness experience that supports both mind and body wellness, and our gym offers numerous ways for you to exercise. With single station options for those who prefer to workout solo – to great group fitness classes – we have it all.

Group classes provide that extra boost of energy and encouragement, even on those days you just don’t feel like working out. Gym newbies and longtime members alike can benefit from the dynamics of those around you.

Here are a few more reasons why group fitness is so beneficial.

There’s Variety

You won’t get bored! Our class schedule offers a variety of options, including low impact and high intensity cardio and strength workouts.

It’s Instructor-Led

Fitness experts lead each class to ensure proper form. Instructors also provide encouragement, support, and ideas for modifying exercises that may be challenging for some members.

It’s Social…

Group classes are ideal for meeting people who are passionate about working out too. Make new friends, link arms, and journey to fitness together!

… and Motivational!

Yes, there will still be days when it’s tough to get moving. That’s where your group comes in! They’ll be alongside to cheer you on and push you through that last rep. And you can do the same for others when you’re at the top of your game.

The best gym in Pittsburgh offers plenty of different classes that target different fitness goals. For example, cycling is a great cardio activity that also tones lower body muscles; Zumba is a fun dance party that boosts metabolism for weight loss. Older adults can enjoy group fitness classes like Silver Sneakers and Silver Sneakers Cardio Circuit.

If your routine has grown stale and you’re bored with your workout, consider joining a group fitness class at Alexander’s Athletic Club!