Choosing Nutrient-Dense Foods for Optimal Health

Choosing Nutrient-Dense Foods for Optimal Health

Better Health Ideas From Our Pittsburgh Gym

One of the most critical aspects to our health is nutrition. Having a healthy diet helps us ward off some of the most prevalent diseases out there, including heart disease, diabetes, stroke, and cancer. Conversely, having an unhealthy diet contributes to poor health. The good news: even small changes can help us feel better and be better.

Developing healthy eating practices early in life ensures healthy growth and improves cognitive development. That being said, it is never to late to adopt a lifestyle that includes focusing on incorporating good foods toward creating a healthier diet.

When we talk about a healthy diet, what do we mean exactly? It doesn’t need to be complicated and can simply mean including more fruits, veggies, and legumes every day. Be sure to include whole grains, like unprocessed oats, wheat, and brown rice. And limit your intake of sugars to less than 10% of your total energy intake. Limit how much sodium you consume as it can contribute to high blood pressure. Also, it is preferable to avoid saturated fats in favor of unsaturated fats like those found in fish, avocado, nuts, and olive oil.

Our lives are busy, and food is just one of the many considerations we manage each and every day. Prioritizing a healthy diet needn’t be difficult, but it does require a little forethought and effort.  Make sure to stock your pantry with healthy options so that when you are hungry, you choose healthy alternatives in lieu of let’s say a candy bar. A little preplanning will ensure that when the munchies strike, it will be easier to reach for a nutritious food that promotes optimal mental and physical health.

A few simple things to remember when planning your food for the day:

  • Always include vegetables in meals
  • Eat fresh fruit and raw veggies as snacks
  • Eat fresh fruit that is in season
  • Eat a variety of fruit and vegetables

Eating healthy should be about enjoying the foods you love and fueling your body with the nutrients you need to perform at your best while working out at our gym so that you can stay healthy and lower your risk of serious disease.