Keep Your Heart Healthy with Cardio Training

Keep Your Heart Healthy with Cardio Training

The Basics of Cardio at Our Pittsburgh Gym

Aerobic exercise is one of the building blocks of fitness, important because it’s like stepping on the gas. Just as you’d put the pedal to the metal in your car to give it gas and rev the engine, cardio training gets your heart pumping faster to rev up your metabolism for increased calorie and fat burn.

Cardio is easy to achieve in daily living, because almost any household activity — from running the vacuum to taking clean laundry upstairs — can be considered cardio. But the best results occur when you dedicate time and hard work in an environment set aside just for fitness.

Our gym in Pittsburgh offers several options for effective cardio training, including a brand new, state-of-the-art spin studio!

What is Cardio, Anyway

“Cardio” is short for “cardiovascular”, which refers to your heart and its function of pumping blood and oxygen throughout your body.

Cardio exercises are those that increase your heart rate, like walking or running on a treadmill, indoor cycling, rowing, stair climbing — even a group class, like Zumba. How? Because as you’re moving and sweating, your heart beats faster. The more fit you become and the longer you’re able to train, you’ll reach your target heart rate, the zone where you’ll burn the most calories and fat.

But back to the basics.

Why is that Important

Aside from a weight solution, cardio training also affects almost every other aspect of your health and fitness.

As you continue to cardio train, your heart becomes more efficient at pumping life-sustaining oxygen and blood throughout your body. Your endurance will improve as will your breathing capacity.

If you’re a cardio beginner, start slowly. Don’t expect to go from 0 to 60 during your first visit! You’ll want to begin at a pace where you’re comfortable and then gradually build your time, speed, and resistance as you grow stronger.

Our gym in Pittsburgh wants you to succeed — and if you’re a gym newbie, taking it slow and pacing yourself is a far more effective way to stay motivated and on course. Be patient with yourself and don’t give up!

Other benefits? Cardio training has also been shown to help protect against certain chronic diseases, like high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and diabetes; improve sleep; and feel better both mentally and physically.

How to Get Started with Cardio Training

When you’re ready to make a commitment to your health, whether that means weight loss, more energy, or improved cardio fitness, first decide on an exercise you think you’ll enjoy and stick with. Whether that’s working solo on a machine or taking a group class, try a few things and find what’s fun!

We’ll even make it easy for you!

Claim a free pass to our Pittsburgh fitness center and start your heart health journey today!